GEM is a community development organisation, using Arts and Culture to inspire youth towards creativity and health. It achieves this by hosting in-person and online free educational arts and health workshops. These provide coaching support, community engagement, and offer ‘Art-for-Purpose’ opportunities to mobilise young people to stay at their creative passion!


what GEM stands for

GEM stands for Giving Emotions Meaning. How does GEM do this? When a young person is taught to become aware of their feelings and inherited beliefs, they can improve their emotional literacy and are more equipped to redirect these states into something creative. In turn, most ‘Gems’ then become more engaged in society, and stay inspired! 


what's on at GEM

GEM delivers annual innovative Arts & Health Programs (local, regional, and overseas). Our GEMAH Programs inspire young people as they encourage creativity as an important way to enhance healthy emotional expression. 

Mid year 2021 GEM is running Phase 2 of its GEMAH-SYD Program, a local Sydney Art Exhibition curated to showcase the work of local emerging young artist! 

Our Community


GEM connects young people to a vibrant community of like-minded and hearted individuals. We do this through sharing lived experience, providing educational content, and offering creative opportunities – such as running various ‘Art-for-Purpose’ events!  GEM is a New Social Health Movement (NSHM) where young people come together and bring about social change because they stay at their creative passion and join together – using art to communicate their message!