Following the success of GEM’s community arts and health programs in Australia, Pakistan and Serbia comes GEMAH-WOW. GEMAH-WOW (GEM Arts and Health – Women of Wonder) is our newest and most innovative community arts and health program.


Creatives are stereotyped for having to suffer in order to follow their passion. All students and professionals, regardless of their industry, struggle in their own way. Tackling personal obstacles effectively with this insight may not come naturally to everyone and may result in frustration, negative attitudes, and ultimately emerging talented young creatives give up.

Each year GEM supports emerging young creatives through its international Arts & Health Program, GEMAH. It engages with a different international community of young people each year. The goal with this program is to keep young creatives engaged in their passion to make art, write, create music, sing, dance and all other forms of art!

GEMAH provides psychosocial support to all kinds of young creatives through face-to-face training and post-training online support that gives a set of tools – including our own unique binaural beats music – to enable a healthy understanding and expression of emotions and to enhance confidence and resilience in their decision-making processes.

For GEM, emotional engagement comes through an awareness of how our belief systems affect our wellbeing and sense of meaningful engagement in our day to day lives. GEM teaches that a person’s belief systems can be shifted through cultural and community engagement, connection, creativity, and most importantly collaboration with others!

In 2018, GEM worked with young refugees and refugee workers in Belgrade, Serbia. In 2019, GEM with the support of Karachi Biennale Trust delivered GEMAH-KB19 in Karachi Pakistan. In 2021, GEM completed its Australian GEMAH program in Sydney, co-funded by the City of Sydney Council. From October to November 2022, GEM returns to deliver GEMAH-KB22 with Karachi Biennale!

This free Arts Health program has been well-supported by local service providers such as educational institutions, businesses, and community centres. 

We wish to thank all of those that continue to support us supporting all of these incredible young people!