Since its start-up, GEM has developed and promoted its own sound-engineered, genre-specific music to its customers!  People (young and old) have told us how much they benefited from listening to our GEM BEATS where they felt relaxed, concentrated and slept better.


The GEM BEATS consist of more than just the song you hear. They consist of unique sound frequency, both single-tone frequencies and binaural frequencies that are believed to have healing properties that operate at unique 

The human ear has a limited range for perceiving vibrations per second. In the field of sound science, the number of vibrations per second is referred to as “frequency” and is measured in Hz. The human ear can detect sounds within the frequency range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz (20 kHz).

According to Igor Micunovic (PhD) the core of Solfeggio frequencies is the belief that certain sounds within the range of 174 Hz to 963 Hz possess a vibrational signature that can have positive effects on our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

There are numerous recorded benefits associated with solfeggio frequencies. Listening to these frequencies has been linked to reduced body tension and pain. It can also help slow down the heart rhythm and induce relaxation in the autonomous nervous system and muscles.



The human body loves to be in harmony with its environment. Stressors within and external to our bodies are forever putting us off-kilter. Research suggests that relaxation music has efficacy when used regularly, especially for people with sleep difficulties. Binaural Beats and Solfeggio Frequencies are even more effective when used as a practice.

GEM has spent a considerable amount of time researching how to get the most from listening to the GEM BEATS. 

Below are some key points to remember when using your GEM BEATS:

  • Listen to your personalised track after your busy day. Don’t worry if you fall asleep though while using them!
  • Always use with headphones (for the efficacy of the binaural beat application.)
  • Use daily, up to 45 min, approx 4 weeks at a time for best outcomes
  • Use consecutively for maximum benefit
  • Stop using your track if you experience any negative ongoing side effects (nausea, headaches, etc.


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