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A cutting edge art experience featuring 12 emerging young Sydney artists. The theme of GEYAE is ‘Fantasy Worlds’ and we invite you to enter into this space of creativity and play. This exhibition is designed to be highly interactive with artworks installed in unconventional ways. With live entertainment to accompany the installation, the GEYAE opening night will be an experience to remember.


As a child, I was drawn to the fantastical. I always saw more in the world – a manhole cover was a portal to another dimension, the dust in the air illuminated by sunlight was fairy dust. My world was enriched by my imagination, and regardless of the day I had, I could always retreat to my fantasy world of magic and mystery.

I’ve noticed as I’ve grown older that spark has begun to fade. Life becomes occupied with tasks, deadlines and responsibilities. Which is exactly why we need to reconnect to the child-like parts of ourselves. As curator, I set the theme for GEYAE as ‘Fantasy Worlds’. As our communities continue to recover from the impacts of Covid-19, imagination and play are the ways in which we can individually, and collectively become reinvigorated and enchanted by life itself.

The GEYAE Exhibition is a space which encourages play and expression. The work our artists have created is inspired by how they relate to the notion of ‘Fantasy Worlds’. I encourage you to explore your own feelings and memories of magic as you move through the exhibition.


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GEYAE 2022 will be take place at Tranby National Indigenous Adult Education & Training campus. Many thanks to the team at Tranby for their support in hosting this event on Saturday June 10th, during the day for free for artists and their families, and our black tie event – Saturday evening at 6pm, on 11 June, May 2022!


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