about gemah-syD

In April & May 2021, GEM will be running its Arts and Health Program (GEMAH) in Glebe, Sydney, for young creatives aged 18 to 30. GEM has identified that to help emerging young creatives keep at their passion, to remain inspired, they need much support and inspiration!

Emotions play such an important role in the creative process. Young people who are creatives are known to struggle with their career path in the arts (visual arts, music, or otherwise), especially when starting out.

GEMAH has, in the past, successfully provided youth with the tools to support their creative dreams, whilst at the same time enabling them to connect with like-minded and hearted others, whilst learning new skills.

Enhanced wellbeing is the outcome of participating in this innovative and collaborative Program!

GEMAH-SYD is supported by the City of Sydney’s Small Business Grant Program.

how gemah-syD will run

GEMAH-SYD will run in the form of free Covid-safe in-person and online workshops. This opportunity is especially necessary post-Covid lockdown, and the economic challenges Covid has created for Sydney’s young people.

Venue for in-person workshops to be advised upon registration.

These workshops will provide participants with emotional wellbeing support, creative skills-building and community development, as well as opportunities for artistic promotion for those wanting art-for-purpose careers.

After the program’s completion, graduates can connect to our online community for creative employment opportunities, insights, emotional wellbeing support, and safe and professional referral service recommendations if needed.


GEMAH-KB19 Workshop, Karachi Pakistan


Date Time Workshop
Saturday 17th April 2021 1pm to 5pm AEST Health & Wellbeing Workshop, Part 1
Saturday 24th April 2021 1pm to 5pm AEST Health & Wellbeing Workshop, Part 2
Saturday 1st May 2021 10am to 4:30pm AEST Arts Workshop, Part 1
Visual/Fine Arts + Promotion/Employment skills-building
Saturday 8th May 2021 1pm to 5pm AEST Arts Workshop, Part 2
Music Production + Promotion/Employment skills-building
Only 3 out of 4 workshops need to be attended for program completion!

health workshop

The health workshop component delivers the GEM Method, providing fun & interactive education on:

  • Learning about the language of emotions (anger, joy, fear, excitement, empathy, love, shame, and guilt).
  • How to connect the cognitive aspect of emotion to a felt sensation or embodiment. 
  • Learning what factors (emotionally and externally) impact your decision-making in critical areas of your life: career, relationships, and study.
  • Learning how to move towards creative expression when overcoming false beliefs (comparing oneself to other artists, not feeling talented enough, etc.)
  • Learning how to overcome fears regarding sharing your creative passion with others. 

arts workshop

These workshops will combine:

  • In-person workshops delivering skills-based training with a focus on visual arts & music.
  • Interactive online webinars with artists and creatives as guest speakers who have specific arts and health-related expertise.
  • How to value one’s own work and learn how to price one’s art, when asked if it’s for sale.
  • Direction on how to promote one’s creative works online, using social media (Instagram and community market places).
  • Learning how to package and sell one’s art (visual art, music, etc.) for export markets.
  • Learning from experts on how to stay at your passion, and how to stay inspired, no matter what challenges you face!

gemah program testimonials

“A lifestyle shift…of self-discovery, made possible because of the tools the GEM team passed on to me. These tools are what assist us in making meaningful choices; choices that are not opted on a whim, but ones that are guided by regulated emotions. I am now calmer, happier, and do things guided by the heart”.

“The program went beyond my expectations, helping me with my confidence at a personal level”.

“The GEM Coaches helped me to think in a different way and it helped me to feel much more relaxed”.

“The [GEMAH] workshop helped me explore and break through many false beliefs that were created around me, and so I became more open to great opportunities”.

“I know first-hand how this program really brings to light all the power and passions that are really there just waiting to be released”.

“The experience was so good and very helpful. In both physical and mental activities it has helped me a lot. I now have different visions and opinions about myself. I’m so grateful for the team that gave us such a beautiful moment. It was beyond my expectation”.