about gemah-syD

In April & May 2021, GEM ran its annual Arts and Health Program (GEMAH) in Glebe, Sydney, for young creatives aged 18 to 30. GEM identified that to help emerging young creatives keep at their passion, to remain inspired, they need much support and inspiration!

Emotions play such an important role in the creative process. Young people who are creatives are known to struggle with their career path in the arts (visual arts, music, or otherwise), especially when starting out.

GEM previously delivered a successful GEMAH Program in Pakistan, and provided youth with the necessary tools to support their creative dreams, whilst at the same time enabling them to connect with like-minded and hearted others, this while learning new skills. Enhanced wellbeing was the outcome of participating in this innovative and collaborative Program!

GEMAH-SYD was supported by the City of Sydney’s Small Business Grant Program.

how gemah-syD wAS run

GEMAH-SYD was free to the public and run as Covid-safe in-person and online workshops. This opportunity was especially necessary post-Covid lockdown, and the economic challenges Covid has created for Sydney’s young and emerging artists. 

The four consecutive Saturday workshops provided participants with emotional wellbeing support, creative skills-building, as well as opportunities for artistic promotion for those wanting art-for-purpose careers.

After the program’s completion, graduates can connect to our online community for creative employment opportunities, insights, emotional wellbeing support, and safe and professional referral service recommendations if needed.

Read the empirical outcomes of Post-GEMAH-SYD 2021 in our Report here.


GEMAH-SYD Workshop, Glebe, Australia