Hear from alumni of GEM’s programs in a few examples of our Community Support Webinars below. These lived experience stories highlight examples of just how impactful the GEM Connect Model has been in these young people’s lives. They are evidence of the celebration of creative human beings teaching us the authentic ways they continue to support themselves and inspire others using their art-for-purpose!

jay jackson & amy manson

Jay and Amy (besties!) both completed an individualised GEM coaching program and are shining examples of just how impactful the GEM Model has been. Jay and Amy shared their stories with young people from all over the globe in a GEM Webinar, and someone in the audience that night commented on chat, saying that “their lives are like a Hollywood film!”.

Yet, these two Gems went through challenging times and because of this sought support, referred to GEM through a friend. Post-coaching, and applying the GEM Model, they were then able to share their wisdom, teaching us – their audience – the pathway towards authenticity and ways of resilience that can encourage other young people to further support themselves. Now living in Bali soaking up the creative vibes, these vibrant souls turned from the challenging and, for them, sometimes fickle world of modelling to engage in more purposeful work – Jay in fashion photography, and Amy in writing and being inspired to start her own successful podcast series!

In this webinar, they remind emerging young artists that they too have talent that can be used to inspire others. As well as watching their GEM webinar, check out Jay’s and Amy’s passions and successful creative outlets!



rutaba syed

Rutaba first encountered GEM as a participant in GEM’s Arts and Health program at the 2019 Karachi Biennale (GEMAH-KB19). She is a Karachi-based architect and mural artist currently working to channel her emotions into art and design and spread joy through it. She shifted her mindset to incorporate a creative outlet with the help of GEM and has redirected her life at a critical stage in her career with the right support.

In this fantastic webinar, Rutaba shares her story of how GEM’s coaching tools and, more importantly, our local and overseas community have propelled her forward into a life worth living. In addition, Rutaba expresses how she lacked the self-belief that she could become a professional artist. 

Now, Rutaba is finding balance, literally! – loving one part of her life, painting and getting paid for it, whilst embarking on her creative architectural and design career. Rutaba shares these words of wisdom with the audience: “Stay present with the task at hand, the task you choose for yourself, which gives you purpose and meaning, and forget about the ‘years ahead’, which are where all the uncertainties lie.”

In 2020, Rutaba with the GEM Team successfully coordinated GEM’s Mural Art Contest (GEMMA) for young artists in Pakistan. Rutaba continues to support GEM as coach for GEMAH Programs globally – inspiring those creatives who was once she was.

Check out Rutaba’s art on her Instagram page here



mariam khan

Mariam Khan’s GEM webinar combined her GEM Journey with a discussion of her passion: ‘Climate Action, Sustainability, and Emotions.’

Mariam has a degree in Mass Communications from the University of Karachi, has served as an Acting Editor of Pakistan’s oldest English Weekly, and now works as a communications professional at the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi.

An explorer of worlds and cultures, Mariam is also a United Nations Volunteer, a MY WORLD 2030 advocate, and was a participant in GEM’s Arts and Health program at the 2019 Karachi Biennale (GEMAH-KB19). In this webinar, Mariam prompts us to move from climate change to climate ACTION, inspiring each of us to take small steps that all add up.

We must all become conscious of the sustainable acts we can make in our daily life for the environment and the planet. Let’s lead with our heart, and others will be inspired to follow!

In 2021, Mariam will be co-authoring with the GEM Team a published article on the successful outcomes of the GEM Arts & Health (GEMAH) Karachi Biennale Youth Outreach program, so the scientific community can also read about how youth can overcome their challenges using art, community, and connection!

You can read Mariam’s writings on Medium here, and check out her Instagram here and Twitter here