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During GEM’s Arts & Health program in Sydney (GEMAH-SYD) in 2021, program participants heard presentations from Dr Tom Cochrane and Stuart Green on arts and health topics. 

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Dr Tom cochrane

This presentation on the connection between art and virtue was delivered by Dr Tom Cochrane at GEM’s Arts & Health Sydney (GEMAH-SYD) program on 8 May 2021. 

Tom is a philosopher specialising in the philosophy of mind and aesthetics. He is also a musician (piano) and has a master’s degree in music composition. He received his PhD from the University of Nottingham in 2007 for a thesis arguing that musical performances can generate collective emotions. Over the next 10 years he worked at universities in Geneva, Belfast, Sheffield, and York. He began his current post at Flinders University in Adelaide in 2018. Tom is the lead editor of the multi-disciplinary volume The Emotional Power of Music (Oxford University Press, 2013) and the author of The Emotional Mind (Cambridge University Press, 2018) and The Aesthetic Value of the World (Oxford University Press, 2021).

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This presentation on what early career artists need to consider about trademarks and copyrights, touching on the latest phenomenon of cryptoart, was delivered by Stuart Green at GEM’s Arts & Health Sydney (GEMAH-SYD) program on 8 May 2021. 

Stuart is a Principal and Trade Mark Attorney at Davies Collison Cave in Sydney, Australia. Stuart is a trade mark and branding specialist who helps clients identify the signs that distinguish and differentiate their goods and services from their competitors, working collaboratively to find the most commercial, efficient and cost effective way to protect, enforce and defend their valuable trade mark rights.

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