GEM identified a need to provide support and supportive networks to those young people that decided it was time to live a creative and full life.

We realised this before the global pandemic hit in 2020. Never did we begin to imagine, however, how the need for GEM weekly Community Support Webinars would be so well timed around the need for young (and not-so-young) to seek information, knowledge, resources, and other support mechanisms (referrals to our clinical and other networks).

The value of community should never be underestimated in these challenging times, and neither should it be taken for granted in the good times! GEM’s aim with its webinars is to celebrate the differences of individuals, but also to keep connecting them through their similarities.

Each webinar hosted was presented by a passionate leader in their field or in their community at large, and was curated in such a way that these events could become part of our GEM Model, with its pre-existing toolkit of resources: coaching, emotional literacy development and decision tools, music, artistic insights, referral services, and so on.

Below is our most popular Webinar out of 30 webinars in our library! The GEM community lives not just via social media, but in newly formed memories that the webinars beautifully captured! Scroll down this page to watch this fantastic GEM community support webinar. Special thanks to Nick Ionnides for being GEM’s webinar editor.

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GEM Webinar: On Guilt & Forgiveness

On Monday 4 May 2020, the GEM community came together for a group discussion hosted by Angé Weinrabe, GEM’s Founding Director. In this webinar, our audience was taken down the philosophical ‘rabbit hole’, talking through topics usually discussed in a university setting and not often debated in a public forum.

Our community engaged with Angé on the concepts of forgiveness and guilt, the latter sometimes referred to as an emotion, but questioned by some scholars and instead referred to as a ‘state-of-mind’.

In this webinar, we gave our audience time to question why we allow such states to limit our agency in the world. Working with material from historical and contemporary philosophers, scientists, artists, and poets, we unpacked guilt as widely thought of as a ‘virtue’ in relation to one’s duty or responsibility, but that we argued is disabling (especially when leading to anxiety if not addressed).

We also unpacked forgiveness as another internalised state that impacts our lives in positive and negative ways. Click here to watch in full!